Union On Fire! | FC Schalke 04 – Union Berlin 1-6 | Matchday 4 – Bundesliga 2022/23

#S04FCU | Short Highlights from Matchday 4!
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Union Berlin were on fire on Matchday 4 of the 2022/23 season! Watch all goals from Union Berlin in their match against FC Schalke 04!

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34 opiniones en “Union On Fire! | FC Schalke 04 – Union Berlin 1-6 | Matchday 4 – Bundesliga 2022/23”

  1. They wanted to make the highlight video as short as possible so much that they even forgot to include Shalke goal
    WHY don't you make highlight longer, it's not THAT hard to include a few replays also, doesn't it?

  2. I remember playing FIFA 14 years ago. I took Union Berlin from Bundesliga 2 and ended winning several UCL's with them. I wish them luck this season!

  3. The goalie was disappointing, this is the Bundesliga, you’ve got to make one decent save, like c’mon man. Most goalies at this level would not have conceded more than 3-4 of those goals.

  4. On one hand it's so amazing how Union Berlin have grown organically and deservedly have achieved great things recently but on the other hand it's sad seeing a club like Schalke being a shadow of what they should be.

  5. It's such a shame seeing what schalke have become. From competing in the champions league with the likes of Real Madrid and Galatasaray, pure class players like Sane and the main man up front, Huntelaar.

  6. These are the most pitiful highlight videos I've ever seen. 1 minute for a game with 7 goals. These videos need to be longer

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