What if BAYERN MUNICH got removed from the BUNDESLIGA?

What if Bayern Munich got removed from the bundesliga? Will Dortmund leverkusen or Leipzig win it? Or maybe someone else, and will it still be a farmers league? Find out now!
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Inspired by bfordlancer and S2G

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31 opiniones en “What if BAYERN MUNICH got removed from the BUNDESLIGA?”

  1. Could you please do mix bundisliga laliga and premier league and make the best team out of their stats thanks I am a big fan

  2. Remove Man City and Liverpool from the premier league and replace them with the top 2 teams in the championship right now and then see who will win the league, fa cup and carabao cup

  3. Remove the best 6 clubs from the premier league (city, united, liverpool, arsenal, spurs, chelsea) and replace them with the best 6 clubs currently in the efl championship

  4. I dunno if you already did this but see how a 99 rated player would do in the worst team in the prem, so add a 99 rated player to Man United

  5. Take the top 5 league champions and put them in the lowest league in their country to see how many goals they get and if they actually win the leagues

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