2. Bundesliga 2021-22 Stadiums

We give a run down of the 2. Bundesliga, German Football’s second division. Which might have the best stadiums for a 2nd tier league in the world. Thanks for watching!

Camisetas West Brom Un jugador muere por un golpe en un partido de fútbol. EFE. Javier Tebas acompaña la cena de Nochebuena de Cruz Blanca Huesca.

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  1. The Weserstadion – the blue patch next to it? Are those running tracks or a swimming pool? And no, Im not talking about the River LOL.

  2. I know the 1FCN club stadium is now called Max-Morlok Stadium, but I remember it as Franken Stadium. That is what it was called back in 1991 when I went to my first 1FCN game, I've been a fan ever since. When I see pictures of the stadium, I automatically call it Franken Stadium.

  3. Germany's second devision has high attendence rates.
    Manclubs are in germany's second and third devisions have a lot of tradition.
    It might also be due to severe regulation that stadiums in their second devision are also in a good & beautiful status.

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